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If you’ve finished revising your essay, you can now use the Print feature on Bartleby Write to generate a hard copy or PDF.

  • Bartleby’s Print Feature uses your browser’s print dialogue to print to any available printer or to generate a PDF version of your essay.
  • The printed copy will automatically include the title and any citations associated with your draft.

Preparing to Print

To get the most out of Bartleby’s Print feature, first take a few steps to make sure you’re ready:

  • Correct any relevant errors flagged by Bartleby Write. Note that you don’t need to dismiss all of the error cards or worry about any remaining highlighting, the print function will only print the text in the editor.
  • Update the Title of your draft if necessary. Click on the edit icon next to the title at the top of your draft to open the draft dialogue and make any required updates. The title will appear at the top of the document.
  • Set or update the citation format. You can view or update the current citation setting from the citation list at the bottom of the Bartleby Write editor.

How to Print

Printing your draft couldn’t be easier:

1. The print option is available from Bartleby’s File menu:

Print option in Bartleby Write menu

Bartleby Write makes it easy to print or download your drafts in a jiffy.

2. Once you choose Print, a printable draft will be generated and your browser’s print dialogue will be displayed.

3. Using the print dialogue, update any required settings:

a. Select the Printer (most browsers will also include a PDF option).

b. Set any other options (most of the defaults will be ok):

    • Page Range
    • Layout (Portrait or Landscape)
    • Page Settings (Size, Margins, Scale, etc.)
    • Options for Headers and Footers (these can probably be turned off for a final draft)
    • Background Image Printing (not used, so this setting is ignored).

4. Choose the Print or Save option to generate your final draft and close the print dialogue.


And that’s all there is to it. Try it out and see how the Bartleby Print feature allows you to easily generate your final draft to review or turn in.

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