Plagiarism – a word that strikes terror into the hearts of the most intrepid writers everywhere – refers to the act of copying someone else’s work and passing it off as one’s own. It is a wrong and unethical practice and can have dire consequences for writers. In fact, it can get students expelled from […]
Plagiarism (copying someone else’s work and passing it off as one’s own) is not a new phenomenon in academia. The advent of technology has made it easier not only to plagiarize but also to bring instances of plagiarism to light. Not all acts of plagiarism, however, are alike. There are many types of plagiarism and […]
All About Citations
In college writing, a citation indicates a source of information. Its goals are to inform readers that certain material in the work came from an outside source and to help them identify and find the source of that material. A citation provides the following information: Author of the source material Title of the work Name […]
Plagiarism is the most common type of academic misconduct. It can be deliberate or accidental, but either way, it is a punishable offense. Although different educational institutions have different disciplinary measures to deal with plagiarism, it is still rampant for a variety of reasons.  Why Do Students Plagiarize? 1. Lack of Organizational Skills Students with […]
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Plagiarism, in plain words, is to present someone else’s idea or work as one’s own. It can have some serious repercussions and should therefore be avoided at all costs.  There are several instances of not just common people but even celebrities losing their credibility over plagiarism. Copying someone’s work on the pretext of getting inspiration […]
Plagiarism is the act of copying someone else’s work or idea, with or without their permission, and presenting it as one’s own. To know what constitutes plagiarism, it is important to understand some important plagiarism terms and concepts. Important Plagiarism Terminology The following is a list of some popular plagiarism-related words and phrases:  Attribution  Attribution […]
Plagiarism is a rampant issue in schools and colleges throughout the US. With so many students having easy access to information on the internet, it is hardly any surprise that they get tempted to copy content for an essay or an assignment. Several studies and surveys have shown that plagiarism is steadily on the rise. […]
Academic writing often involves synthesizing information from a variety of published sources and incorporating other scholars’ writing and arguments into one’s own. This adds authority and credibility to a piece of writing and is critical to scholarly research and the growth of knowledge. It is usually done by paraphrasing the original material or by using […]
Being the victim of plagiarism can be a devastating experience for an author. Having one’s creative work stolen and reused under another’s name without acknowledgment or attribution is akin to robbery or identity theft. Unfortunately, plagiarism is a fact of life in the digital age, where copying and sharing others’ work is a breeze, thanks […]
Is it possible to create content that is completely original?  It is but many students struggle with writing engaging, informative content that is substantially different from anything that can be found online. There is a thin line between paraphrasing and plagiarism, so sometimes, a lot of students find themselves unintentionally plagiarizing another’s work. It is […]