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AARP’s weekly podcast The Perfect ScamSM tells the stories of people who find themselves the target of a scam. Host Bob Sullivan introduces listeners to those who have experienced scams firsthand, as well as leading experts who pull back the curtain on how scammers operate. 

The Perfect ScamSM is a project of the AARP Fraud Watch Network, which equips consumers like you with the knowledge to give you power over scams.

An Old Scam Is Making a Comeback: Check Washing

Learn why the old-fashioned crime of check washing is making a dramatic comeback.

DEA Impostor Steals Montana Woman’s Life Savings

After retiree Susan moves to a new home in Montana to be closer to family, a call from “Amazon” and an investigation by a man claiming to be a DEA agent put all she has, including her home, in jeopardy.

Team of Women Takes Down Serial Romance Scammer, Part 2

Linda and Missi discover that the man they both dated is a serial romance scammer

Team of Women Takes Down Serial Romance Scammer, Part 1

Linda meets her dream man on a dating site and their romance progresses quickly, but a troubling message from another woman reveals he is a serial romance scammer.

The Perfect Scam Podcast Celebrates 5 Years

This April marks five years of “The Perfect Scam” podcast! Since launching in 2018, we’ve brought you stories of fraud told by the people who lived them, stories of trauma but also of bravery and triumph. With the FTC reporting a staggering $8.8 billion in losses to scammers in 2022, we remain committed to continue bringing you the very latest information and resources to give you power over scams.

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Whether you have been personally affected by scams or fraud or are interested in learning more, the AARP Fraud Watch Network advocates on your behalf and equips you with the knowledge you need to feel more informed and confidently spot and avoid scams.




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Fraud Expert

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Bob Sullivan is an independent journalist and the author of five books, including New York Times Best Sellers, Gotcha Capitalism and Stop Getting Ripped Off! He spent nearly two decades working at and NBC News, where he created and wrote the popular Red Tape Chronicles blog, covering cybercrime, privacy, and other consumer issues. He has won a Peabody Award, a Society of Professional Journalists Public Service Award, and a Consumer Federation of America Consumer Media Service Award. He was the host of Breach, a podcast about history's biggest hacks, and So, Bob? a podcast about the unintended consequences of technology. He now writes The Red Tape Chronicles column at and can be reached at