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Art is that lovely corporeal body with which man endowers the spirit of goodness and the thought of truth.
The Purpose of Poetry.
The World’s Best Poetry
Bliss Carman, Editor-in-Chief
These 2,287 selections are classified into 9 volumes and subcategorized by expert poetic editors who introduce each one with an insightful essay.
Bibliographic Record    General Introduction
I. Of Home: of Friendship
  Poems of Home
I. About Children
II. For Children
III. Fun for Little Folk
IV. Youth
V. The Home
  Poems of Friendship
II. Love
I. Admiration
II. Love’s Nature
III. Love’s Beginnings
IV. Wooing and Winning
V. Cautions and Complaints
VI. Lovers
VII. Love’s Power
VIII. Wedded Love
III. Sorrow and Consolation
I. Disappointment in Love
II. Parting and Absence
III. Adversity
IV. Comfort and Cheer
V. Death and Bereavement
VI. Consolation
IV. The Higher Life
I. The Divine Element—(God, Christ, the Holy Spirit)
II. Prayer and Aspiration
III. Faith: Hope: Love: Service
IV. Sabbath: Worship: Creed
V. Selections from “Paradise Lost
VI. Human Experience
VII. Death: Immortality: Heaven
VIII. Selections from “The Divine Comedy
V. Nature
I. Nature’s Influence
II. Light: Day: Night
III. The Seasons
IV. Inland Waters: Highlands
V. Trees: Flowers: Plants
VI. Animate Nature
VII. The Sea
VI. Fancy: Sentiment
  Poems of Fancy
I. The Imagination
II. Fairies: Elves: Sprites
III. Mythical: Mystical: Legendary
  Poems of Sentiment
I. Time
II. Life
III. Memory
IV. Thought: Poetry: Books
V. The Arts
VI. Labor and Rest
VII. Descriptive: Narrative
  Descriptive Poems
I. Personal
 Rulers; Statesmen; Warriors
 Great Writers
II. Nature and Art
III. Places
  Narrative Poems
I. Greece
II. Rome
III. Norseland
IV. Germany
V. The Orient
VI. Spain
VII. France
VIII. England
IX. Scotland
X. America
VIII. National Spirit
I. Patriotism
II. Freedom
III. War
IV. Peace
IX. Tragedy: Humor
  Poems of Tragedy
I. Greece
II. Rome
III. The Orient
IV. Germany
V. Italy
VI. Spain
VII. Switzerland
VIII. France
IX. Russia
X. Scotland
XI. Ireland
XII. England
XIII. America
XIV. Canada
XV. The Sea
  Humorous Poems
I. Woman
II. Miscellaneous
III. Parodies: Imitations
IV. Ingenuities: Oddities
V. Nonsense

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