All Images Copyright protected by Ingram Wildlife Collection, Dennis L.Ingram
Remember the Hunt...through NoteCards, Matted Prints and Video.

            "Ingram's Rockin' Red Ike"             "Number two muzzleloader black bear"    "Ole Ryan baying a 197 pound tom"
     "Copper the LionHeart Treed on Lion"        "Ingram with LionHeart Treed"        "Just another Good, Big Ole Tom Lion"
  "Bayed Boone & Crockett Tom Lion"     "Ike and LionHeart on a Bear Tree"     "Black Bear Treed by the Wolf Pack"
                      "Big Red"                                  "Ole Leo treed on Big Red"                            "All Night tree on bear"
  "Afternoon Snooze Over a Sheep Kill"    "Dave and Dunny under a Tom"      "Junior and this Lion made cover of Full Cry"
    "Ingram's Red Choco"         "Rockin' Red Ike and LionHeart"       "Another bowhunter's Tom"     "A great tom for Hicken"
     "T""The Wolf Pack on Tree"       "Subject of the Tree (Blown pads and Bloody Toes)"   "Multi coming of Age on Bear" Th
  Another Good Boar Black Bear 2001"A "Rodo in Bear Tree"        "Pair of Tom Bobcats"      "Ike's 14 3/16 P&Y Lion"n
       "King's 7'5", 14 plus Tom Lion"             "Ryan and Ike treed on tom"           "Ike with a eight-foot tom lion"
       "The Wolf Pack Strikes Again on Tom Lion" ""  "Tom Tracks""Tom   "Lion Killed Buck, What an Opportunity"""Lion m"
                            "Wolf Pack Strikes Again"                                 "Another Good Tom Up"
            ""An Adult Female Lion in Tree"         "LionHeart and Ryan Home Safely with Sore Noses after Week Long Hunt"
    "Red and Ike show off a 29 1/2 pound tom bobcat they caught Today"   "Another Tom Lion Bayed by the Wolf Pack"