There are many things applicants have to keep tabs on when applying to college. From submitting all the records on time to writing application essays, candidates may easily feel overwhelmed. The college application process, however, need not be all that stressful. By following the few simple steps listed below, it is possible to better prepare […]
What is a Supplemental Essay? A supplemental essay is an additional essay, besides the main one, submitted by applicants along with their college application. While the main college essay gives the admissions committee a peek into an applicant’s strengths and achievements, the supplemental essay provides more information on the applicant’s opinions, traits, and beliefs, based […]
“Well begun is half done” is an adage that holds true especially in the case of a college essay. The more compelling the opening statement of a college essay is, the more interested readers are likely to be in the piece.  Different types of essay introductions work differently. Depending on the type of the college […]
The college admission process grants students the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, strengths, accomplishments, and beliefs, thus helping them build their personal brand. One of the quickest ways to get the attention of the admissions committee is by writing an impressive application essay. Since the essay can make or break the application, applicants should ensure […]
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An excellent college admission essay grants students a solid opportunity to impress the admissions board. And writing one isn’t as daunting a task as it may seem. Knowing, understanding, and following some straightforward essay-writing steps can help students put together a winning college admissions essay.  Given how competitive the admission process has become, making a […]