Ingram Wildlife Collection © photos by Dennis L. Ingram
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My Little Mule

Dennis Ingram was raised and educated in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. He studied art and photography for two years at Oklahoma State University Extension and graduated in 1976 with a certificate in Commercial and Graphic Art. 

Following school, Dennis and his wife moved to Utah where hunting provided the foundation and interest needed to become a successful wildlife stalker; his interest in nature, photography and the outdoors continues to expand. 

Ingram has photographed wildlife across the Rocky Mountains, into Canada and Alaska. He has also become somewhat of an activist for wildlife and the outdoor experience, as he has served on Utah's Wildlife Advisory Council for seven years. Ingram has also contributed as an outdoor writer and phtographer to magazines like Outdoor Life, American Hunter, Petersen's Hunting, Bowhunter Magazine, Game & Fish Publications,  and Full Cry since 1989.  His latest adventures have included raising, training, and hunting a pack of lion and bear hounds--he calls them the "Wolf Pack."  Ingram's love for hounds, hunting, adventure, and camera have taken him to many remote settings where a lion or bear were treed or bayed up on the ground or in rocky ledges.  He lives in Roosevelt, Utah, (435) 722-2696
Remember the Hunt...!

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